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Location:Nevada, United States of America
Website:Sister Coyote
I'm a fat (that's right, fat) woman who's confident in her skills and her person. I may or may not be asexual, and I definitely suffer from depression (these two things are not related). I'm a Unitarian Universalist who has in the past been described as an "agnostic, neo-shamanic, neo-pagan moral thealogian." I'm a FRPGer, a writer, a reader, and an out-of-practice musician with a sharp and sometimes biting wit.

Life is about asking questions without expecting answers.

And I still am the Goddess of Inclement Weather.

Other names I have had: The All-Amazing Crazy Girl, ...some are Boojums, I'm just curious that way, Is there anybody going to listen to my story.
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